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Boolean operators
In the simple search you can use the following boolean operators:
  • AND → all the words separated by AND must be present;
  • OR → at least one of the words separated by OR must be present;
  • NOT → the word next to NOT must not be present;
  • * (asterisk) → searches for content with words whose prefix is equal to the term before *, eg:
    decret* search for decreto, decreti, decretare, etc;
  • " " (quotation marks) → searches for the exact phrase between the quotation marks.
Operators can be combined, eg:
"aiuti di stato" AND "contratto di servizio"
and you can use parentheses to separate them, eg:
"decreto ingiuntivo" AND (opposizione OR ricorso)
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- Type of actions
- Infringements claimed by the parties
- Procedural and probatory matters
- Substantial matters
- Damage, compensation and other consequences of the anti-competitive conduct
- Economic sectors