About us

Ita.ca (Italian Case-Law On Private Antitrust Enforcement ) is the result of a synergy between academia (the Universities of Milan and Ferrara) and the judiciary (Courts of First Instance and Courts of Appeal of Milan, Rome and Naples, as well as the Court of Cassation).

The main goal is to offer a ‘reasoned’ and continuously updated database of the Italian judgments in the field of private antitrust enforcement.

Ita.ca started as an evolution of Giurisprudenza Antitrust Milanese (GAM), published in 2019 for collecting the judgments delivered by the Tribunal and the Court of Appeal of Milan. In 2021, the project has been extended to the rulings of Rome and Naples - i.e., as well known, the other two fora having jurisdiction for private antitrust enforcement actions in Italy, as a result of the framework laid down by Legislative Decree No. 3/2017 implementing Directive 2014/104/EU - changing its name to the current one. In 2023, the Report of Cases has been further extended to the Court of Cassation, so as to offer to academics and practitioners a fully-fledged database capable of monitoring all instances of private antitrust litigation.

The project was born under the scientific and financial support of the Jean Monnet Chair "Qui a peur de l'Europe?" of Prof. Massimo Condinanzi and was then supported by the Jean Monnet Module "EU Specialised Judicial Protection" of Prof. Jacopo Alberti and by the inter-university project Comp.eu.ter, co-funded by the European Commission.

The database collects the decisions (final judgments; no interim orders) adopted from January 1st 2013.


Ita.ca is edited by:

Jacopo Alberti, Associate Professor of EU Law at the University of Ferrara

Filippo Croci, Assistant Professor of EU Law at the University of Milan

                                  with the scientific supervision of:

Massimo Condinanzi, Full Professor of EU Law at the University of Milan


Editorial staff:

Samuele Barbieri, Research Fellow in EU Law at the University of Ferrara

Camilla Burelli, Research Fellow in EU Law at the University of Milan

Giacomo Dalla Valentina, Ph.D. in EU Law at the University of Milan and Lawyer at the Milan Bar